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Red Bull Rampage - Virgin Utah  - October 16, 2015

These images are all from the Finals of the Red Bull Rampage event on October 16th, 2015. The event finals had been scheduled for Saturday, the 17th, but as with the Crankworx Joyride event in August, mother nature had her own ideas.

There had been a lot that happened leading up to these finals, both in terms of the weather, but more importantly what had happened in the practices leading in to the finals and on the day of the finals as well.

This was the 10th year of the event, and as with everything that grows, each of the riders push themselves and each other to do more. And sometimes that can lead falls and accidents. And there were some serious ones. Best wishes to those riders who did get hurt for full and speedy recoveries.

Enjoy these images - The riders who do this have my total respect.

Thank you to Red Bull for putting on a great event. Everyone there did a fantastic job!!