LAKC 2016 - Year In Review - McDonell Media

2016 Race Season - LAKC

Fontana, CA

As we close out the 2016 season, and look forward to the upcoming 2017 race season, I wanted to put together these photos as a recap of a really great year.

On average I take 5,000 photos per race day. About 600 to 800 of those are what makes it into the monthly photo gallery. The ones that don't make it are great photos too. Some candid shots, race shots, accident shots, and some are just for fun. Either way they make for a fun recap gallery. Hope you think so too!!

If you are looking for photos still and haven't seen them in a gallery yet, you can contact me at 425-220-7704 or hit me up by using the Contact Form if you need anything else

Thank you so much & I will see you in 2017!!