Crankworx Joyride 2015 - Practice Session Saturday - McDonell Media

Saturday was the day that the Joyride 2015 Finals were scheduled. There had been so much anticipation ahead of the event. Maybe history would be made. Would it be Rheeder winning the first Triple Crown of Slopestyle, or Semenuk winning a record third straight Joyride, or would any of the other talented riders who were there to ride that day be at the top of the podium at the end of the day?

I was on the mountain early that day to capture both the practice sessions and the Finals of the Joyride event. It was grey that day and had rained the night before but we all had hope that the rain would come after all the riding had finished for the day.

That's not how it happened though. Mother nature had her own ideas.

As the first rider dropped in the rains came and made it impossible for the event to continue. So these images capture the practice sessions and the grey skies of that day and the amazing athletes who completed in the event that day.