Crankworx Joyride 2015 - Practice Session Thursday - McDonell Media

A little background on these images. This was the first Crankworx that I got to attend, but I watched the both of the first two events from Crankworx Rotorua and L2A. Rheeder taking the win in both of those events.

So coming in to this event there was so much hype, could Rheeder take the triple crown? Would Semenuk repeat here again? And there's so may talented riders, who would have the run with all the features tricked out and no mistakes. It was 90 degrees on the hill that day, and everyone had these great runs.

There's not many people out for a weekday practice so it's nice in that you can hear from the crew who's dropping in and I had a great place to shoot from, next to the Sram Sharkfin. It was heaven, and so challenging to shoot from. They come up a hill and you can't see and you don't know what trick they will do, so where do you aim you camera and shoot from?

But it afforded me a shot of them dropping in, coming though the first 2 features, in coming into the sharkfin and then into the fourpack. and with the zoom I could get the Cabin too. Most all these images come from that one place.

5 hours later I left the hill with a lot of great images. I was thrilled!!